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About FRS

Federal Reporting Service, Inc. (FRS) is a premier, English-language transcription service based in Denver, Colorado since 1964. Our company provides high quality transcription of your audio tapes, CDs, or digital audio files. We specialize in legal proceedings, technical and non-technical conferences and public meetings.

Why FRS?

Accurate: Our team of highly-experienced transcribers will produce your verbatim transcript.

Fast: We will work with you to meet your scheduled deadlines.

 Your transcript will be maintained in strict confidentiality.

 Your transcript is proof-read for accuracy and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

 Locally owned and operated in Denver, Colorado since 1964.

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A member of the FRS staff will confirm your online order by phone and give you an estimated cost for your transcript. If you do not receive same-day confirmation of your online order, please call 303-751-2777 for assistance.

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